February’s issue of “The Teller” is out.

February’s issue of “The Teller” is out.

This month’s Teller features The Miami Association of Realtors’ 2021 Miami Global Report. According to the numbers, Florida and Miami in particular are top U.S. destinations for foreign property buyers.

With so much hype surrounding the South Florida real estate market, many buyers wonder what are the key factors that make a property a wise investment. The lending division of Fortune, Vaster, describes what you need to know when making a smart purchase.

Sellers stage their homes for a better and faster sale. Florida Realtors presents an interesting study on the benefits of staging your property. Investing in property staging is always a good idea, but knowing which rooms to stage is crucial to making it cost-effective. While stating may not increase the value of your property, it will help you find a buyer faster.

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2021 Miami Global Report

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