Our International Network

Fortune’s International Division handles all global partnerships, outreach and initiatives. It establishes successful relationships between developers, sales directors and international brokers and promotes our exclusive property portfolio in gateway cities worldwide. Fortune’s primary market was originally Latin America. Today, the International Division has opened new markets in Europe, East Europe and Asia to handle the company’s increasing supply of projects and to improve the absorption rate of end-users. Cross selling of projects at international level has proven very effective as clients look for different project types, locations and price points. By coordinating activities with several projects, Fortune has been able to target several markets at lower costs.

The international division also ensures that corporate employees travel with sales teams to provide a comprehensive representation of the company and the South Florida market. The combination of the sales pitch with a more conservative approach from the corporate side creates a perfect combination of credibility and sales. From Los Angeles to Paris to Shanghai, Fortune agents now have access to a combined clientele base in every international gateway city. We can facilitate any real estate transaction with the aligned support of powerful industry leaders.

Fortune Christie's Internatinoal Real Estate logo

Christie’s International Real Estate

Christie’s International Real Estate is the world’s premier luxury real estate brand and network, spanning nearly 50 countries and territories on six continents. The global brokerage network was born out of the iconic Christie’s auction house that was founded in 1766.

As of December 2021, Christie’s International Real Estate has new ownership. Long-time broker/owners Mike Golden and Thad Wong, who themselves built one of the largest independent brokerage firms in the U.S., lead the brand. Mr. Golden and Mr. Wong have an outstanding track record for innovation, growth, and success. Their experience as successful agents and owners means they have a very clear understanding of what agents and independent firms need to stay ahead of the competition. Over the past year, they have focused on strengthening the Christie’s International Real Estate network while delivering the absolute best technology, marketing, service, and value to brokers, agents, and clients.

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Saunders & Associates

Saunders & Associates, founded by Andrew Saunders, first opened in Bridgehampton in October 2008. The company has since evolved into the most effective and largest locally owned real estate brokerage firm in the Hamptons. The firm has 260 agents, five real estate offices, and an affiliated title business, New York Title Abstract Services, Inc.

The company was founded with the mandate to create a Hamptons-focused real estate brokerage firm that treats its agents like customers and mobilizes significant resources in connection with their efforts to list and sell properties. The firm created an in-house advertising agency staffed with full-time photographers, videographers, graphic designers, web designers, social media experts, IT tech support, and a copywriter. Controlling every component of a marketing endeavor enables us to be agile and capitalize on opportunities that get our listings seen and sold.

Whether it be through our brokerage operations, title business, or new media endeavors, their goal continues to be to get their listings sold and provide innovative ideas to their buyers and sellers.