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Marie Mangouta is a notable figure in the realm of residential real estate, renowned as the co-founder of The Worth Group, a prominent entity powered by Fortune Christie's International Real Estate. With an impressive career spanning over 19 years, she has garnered extensive expertise in the field.

Marie Mangouta's professional approach can be likened to that of a concierge, as she dedicates herself to providing her clients with unparalleled attention to detail and anticipating their every need. While she possesses a comprehensive understanding of various real estate markets, her specialization lies in South Florida, particularly in the vibrant city of Boca Raton, which she aptly dubs the "Monaco of South Florida."

Throughout her illustrious career, Marie Mangouta has accomplished remarkable feats, having successfully facilitated real estate transactions totaling over $700 million in the last decade. Her portfolio boasts collaborations with esteemed developers and iconic new-construction projects such as Regalia Sunny Isles, Fendi Chateau in Surfside, and The Residences at Mandarin Oriental in Boca Raton. Notably, she played a pivotal role in the successful launch of The Residences at Mandarin Oriental in Boca Raton.

As a co-founder of The Worth Group, Marie Mangouta specializes in the realm of New Construction residential sales. In the year 2022 alone, she astoundingly secured contracts worth over $50 million, further cementing her reputation as a trusted and accomplished professional in the industry. Her profound knowledge and exceptional skills continue to shape her successful career, making her a sought-after authority in the world of real estate.

In July 2023, The Worth Group, led by Marie Mangouta, played a pivotal role in the establishment of Fortune International Realty's inaugural office in Boca Raton, thus marking the esteemed company's first venture into Palm Beach County. This strategic move signifies the onset of Fortune International Realty's expansion efforts within the dynamic South Florida region.

Marie Mangouta takes immense pride in her association with Fortune International Realty and its esteemed CEO, Edgardo Defortuna. The alignment between her professional endeavors and the company's vision fosters a remarkable synergy, with shared values and a thriving corporate culture that harmonizes seamlessly with her own work ethic.

Among the notable projects that The Worth Group and Marie Mangouta are fervently endorsing is ORA by Casa Tua, an iconic high-rise development nestled in the heart of Brickell, Miami. This exquisite undertaking stands as a testament to the team's unwavering commitment to excellence, as they passionately promote and showcase this remarkable residential masterpiece to discerning clients.

With this latest venture, Marie Mangouta and The Worth Group solidify their position as key contributors to the growth and success of Fortune International Realty, while simultaneously elevating the real estate landscape in South Florida. Their dedication, expertise, and shared vision serve as a driving force behind their ongoing achievements in the industry.