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There is no doubt that Julio Cesar is passionate about real estate. "Judge me by my word and results" is a motto Julio has used for over 28 years of experience in the Miami real estate industry. A Miami local living here for over 50 years, Julio strives for results in every facet of his life. He is charismatic by nature and is simultaneously known as a tough negotiator. Julio enjoys getting to know others – a quality that shines through.

Before real estate, Julio Cesar spent years as a financial planner in South Florida. His extensive work background and solid business experience are invaluable resources to his clients.

Today, he specializes in commercial and residential properties throughout Miami. Julio also serves his international clients in acquiring commercial properties throughout the US. It's important for Julio to maintain a sense of diversity to be successful while gathering vast amounts of experience in all aspects of real estate.

Happily married and the father of two young men, Julio understands the importance of family. Backed by a reliable network of like-minded real estate professionals, including real estate attorneys, title companies, lenders, and cameramen with drones, Julio goes to great lengths to ensure the satisfaction of his clients.

He believes it takes years to build a team of trustworthy individuals with substantial experience. Building and maintaining honest relationships with his clients is what sets Julio apart. Outside of real estate, he enjoys traveling, baseball, and spending time with his wife and boys.