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Ariel Tipon is a young and adventurous realtor with a robust background in tech. With her upbringing in Florida, she has an in-depth understanding of the South Florida and surrounding area markets. Embarking on her real estate career in Cincinnati, Ohio, she realized her true drive and passion for the industry. After gaining valuable experience in the real estate industry, she discovered that her true roots and sense of belonging are firmly planted in her home state of Florida, where she thrives alongside her loved ones.

With her background in tech and dedication to continuous improvement, she ensures that she provides innovative solutions and exceptional service to her clients. She hones in on customer satisfaction, creating personalized experiences and forging lasting relationships. No matter the situation, she navigates it with a contagious smile.

Ariel's genuine passion for real estate, combined with her love for travel, food, and hard work, drives her to provide exceptional experiences for everyone she encounters. Her ultimate goal is to ensure the best possible experience for her clients and partners as she pursues her endeavors in the real estate industry.