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Anastasia Pitanova brings a wealth of real estate expertise to the vibrant community of Palm Beach County, having been a valued resident since 2014. With a career spanning back to 2015, Anastasia has made it her mission to help individuals and families discover their dream homes. Her extensive experience in the real estate sector affords her a profound understanding of the local market, and she leverages this knowledge to guide families towards well-informed decisions, particularly in relation to the Palm Beach County school districts.
In addition to her real estate endeavors, Anastasia is a highly accomplished artist, celebrated for her unique creative expressions. Her artwork has garnered admiration both locally and internationally, captivating art enthusiasts with its distinctive vision and portrayal. Through her art, Anastasia endeavors to elicit emotions, spark meaningful conversations, and foster a deeper connection with the world around us.
Beyond her professional pursuits, Anastasia is a devoted advocate for mental wellness. Actively involved in the Mental Wellness Networking Alliance, she collaborates with like-minded individuals to raise awareness about mental health and extend support to those in need. This cause is not just a passion for Anastasia, but a deeply held mission.
Above all, Anastasia is a dedicated parent, raising two wonderful boys in the picturesque surroundings of Palm Beach County. Her family serves as a wellspring of inspiration and fortitude, and she cherishes every moment spent with them.
For those seeking their next home, artistic inspiration, or a meaningful discussion on mental wellness, Anastasia Pitanova is here to connect, inspire, and offer assistance in every way possible.