How to reach maximum exposure of your listings on Instagram

How to reach maximum exposure of your listings on Instagram

(For busy agents with no videography skills)

You know that social media is important to build your online reputation but working in real estate is time demanding and you have very little time left to create content. Still, you would like to post your listings on your account and get hundreds or even thousands of views.

With Instagram Reels you can. This guide is easy to follow even if you think that your videography skills are not good enough.

You’ll position yourself as an expert, showcase your listings and you will impress your clients.

Why should you create content for social media?

Agent holding a phone with instagram logo

Social media is a way to communicate with a wide audience and build your online reputation. By creating consistent and relevant content you stay top of mind, which you know is key in the real estate business.

Why Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a short-form vertical video between 15 to 60 seconds long. You don’t have to dance or perform a funny act to do Reels. You just have to record something that you want your audience to see and that is of interest to them. In this case, the property that you’re selling.

Do you know that only a small percentage of what you post on your account is shown to your followers? I know, it’s wicked. To guarantee maximum reach you have three options: boost your posts, invest in social media advertising or do Reels, which is free 🙂

Because Instagram is competing with other platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram wants you to create these short vertical videos and in return they’ll promote them heavily to thousands of users, including your followers. People that don’t know you but that are interested in real estate or south Florida will see your listings. Isn’t it beautiful?

Why wouldn’t you figure out an easy way to get such a tremendous exposure for free?

How to record video for Instagram Reels

new listing mock up on a phone

You can get very fancy, work some acting skills into your repertoire and become a star you don’t need to, at least not if you’re just getting started.

1. Get in the right mindset before recording and make a shooting list

Don’t think that you’re recording for social media, that can be intimidating, instead, ask yourself:

If you wanted to show your listing to your best friend, who lives out of state and is thinking of moving to Miami and you know this property may be just right for them, what are the key features that you would want to show them?

Is it the large balcony, the super cute breakfast area, the bright and spacious living room?

Make a list of the must-sees of the property, that’s your shooting plan!

2. Guidelines for a smooth, professional looking video:

  • Record each item in your list in separate videos instead of a long take of the entire property.
  • Always record vertically with your smartphone.
  • Move your phone slowly to achieve smooth takes.
  • Film across a room using horizontal slides.
  • Walk into rooms or different areas of the property using the Ninja Walk for steady shots (bending your knees slightly and using heel-toe short steps).

3.Don’t limit yourself to the property.

Think of all the aspects of the home that a potential buyer would like to see. Is it a condo building with a great lounge area perfect to meet with friends? Or is the home next to a beautiful park perfect for parents with small children or pet owners? Record that too! Walk out of the front door and take us on a quick walk to the park. Show us how easy it is to get there.

You’re done!

Now you have a series of videos of your listing that you can post in a period of a week or two. You don’t need to post every day, choose a schedule that works for you and stick to it. That’ll give you consistency and that’s key for a professional look.

How do you post your videos as Instagram Reels:

Instagram offers tons of options, stickers, polls, effects, trendy music you name it. It can be overwhelming if you haven’t used those features before. If you’re starting out, keep it simple and be consistent. You’ll be able to add those fun features as you get comfortable with the process.

  1. Open your Instagram App.
  2. Click on the + icon on the top right corner (1) and choose Reel (2).
  3. You’re not going to record your video on the app but use a video that you have already recorded so click on the browser icon on the bottom left corner (3).
  4. Find and select your video.
  5. Click Add (top right corner).
  6. Let’s add audio by clicking the sound icon on the right (4).
  7. Choose your selected audio * (choosing a trendy song will push your exposure. More on that below).
  8. Click done + next until you get to the sharing screen.
Instagram screenshots

Recommended settings to share your reel

Write a caption (Brief. Include your contact info and basic info on the property) (A)
Share to feed (B)
Add location (C)
Tag Fortune @fortuneinternationalrealty (D)
Share and you’re done! (9)

Instagram app screenshots

After you post your Reel, let it make its way into the social maze organically and a few hours later you can share it as a story to give it an additional push.

Also, remember to send your videos to marketing so we can post it in Fortune’s account and escalate your reach! Email marketing for instructions.

*Choosing a trendy song for your video.

Aside from being creative when recording your video and showing yourself in camera (which we have not covered on this tutorial), using a trendy sound is the magic sauce to maximum exposure:
Identify trendy songs and save them to use them later. Trendy songs are marked with an arrow pointing up (image below)
When you’re on step 6 choosing your song, you’ll find all your saved audios to us in your reels.

Instagram app screenshots

Next steps

Once you feel comfortable with Reels you’ll want to start showing your face on camera introducing your listings to your audience. You can do brief introductions, voice over narrations over your recording or have someone record you as you walk us through the home.

If we had to recommend one single piece of equipment it would be a Gimbal. You’ll achieve super smooth moving shots. See below in the resources section for more information.

If you want to know more about Reels, how to do front face intros or voice over narrations of your properties contact Fortune marketing for an exclusive training.

Additional resources

Video tutorials

(these tutorials are for youtube videos. For social media, ALWAYS RECORD VERTICALLY)
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Ring light (for when you want to be in camera)




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