Instagram Post Ideas for Real Estate Agents in 2022

You might be wondering if Instagram is effective for real estate marketing.

Instagram, popularly known as “IG,” is a great social media platform for real estate digital marketing. It allows you to connect with your audience, generate leads, and build trust through videos and photos.

Some of South Florida’s top producing agents have had great success on Instagram: Recently an 11,700 square-foot Jade Signature penthouse, a Fortune Development project, was sold on Instagram for $23.5 million dollars.

Real estate is one of the most competitive fields. Many realtors have a hard time creating communities, let alone getting home listings, costing them profitable leads and clients. If you’re a real estate agent looking to grow your Instagram presence and boost your realty business, continue reading.

This article provides Instagram 101 for real estate agents, including social media real estate marketing and the best Instagram post ideas for realtors in 2022.

Why Should Realtors Use Instagram?

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As a realtor, it’s crucial to build and stay engaged with your community. You never know when someone in your network, be it a family member or friend, may want to purchase or sell a property. Developing an Instagram marketing strategy can help grow your business.

While you can build a large community of sellers and buyers on other social media channels, Instagram is by far the most engaging. According to FinanceOnline, more than 500 million individuals use Instagram every day, and about the same number of Instagram users view stories. Ideally, publishing content on Instagram will increase your visibility.

Here are several reasons real estate agents should use Instagram:

1. People Enjoy Hanging Out on Instagram

Think of Instagram as a 24/7 personally-curated television station. Every time consumers log on to the network, they get insights into what’s happening around them and stay connected with their loved ones. As a result, whatever they consume on Instagram is likely to influence their buying decisions and interests.

It’s worth noting users spend 29 minutes on average viewing Instagram stories. This means listing properties for sale on Instagram is highly effective.

2. Reach Home Buyers Faster Through Instagram Posts

The younger generation prefers using Instagram over other social networks; it’s more fashionable and engaging. While Gen Z and millennials might seem too young to invest in real estate property, this perception is wrong.

A homeownership study by the National Association of Realtors® found that millennials aged 22 to 30 and 31 to 40 make up the majority of homebuyers.

Leveraging Instagram for real estate marketing is a sure way to easily reach this new wave of homebuyers.

3. It Helps You Embrace Visuals

Instagram marketing is all about posting visual content. Typically, property buyers flip through images on listing sites to identify properties that suit their needs.

When browsing through pictures, real estate clients want to picture themselves living in those houses; they visualize their space and furniture to make informed decisions. With photos and videos telling a story about properties on sale, potential buyers can picture themselves in their dream homes.

4. Instagram Marketing Is Generally Free

You don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to execute your Instagram marketing strategy. Plus, your target audience is already using the platform, meaning you’re likely to experience improved engagement than other social networks. (While Instagram ads can be an asset to real estate professionals, they aren’t necessary.)

Instagram Post Ideas for Realtors

1. Post Market Statistics and Trends

With an increasing demand for homes, sellers and buyers are always looking for reliable information to ensure they make informed decisions when investing in real estate. This is where posting marketing trends and statistics come in handy.

When looking to partner with a real estate brokerage, agents should think about what the firm offers in terms of industry data. For example, FIR agents have access to local trends and insight, including highly-detailed quarterly market reports. This type of information translates as well on social media as it does in meetings with investors.

When you share updates regarding property costs, the number of units sold every year, and predictions about the next market moves, it’s clear that you’re an expert in the real estate industry.

Over time, your expertise will help you get leads because your name will be the first thing homebuyers think of whenever they want to purchase or sell a property in your market.

There are several ways you can share housing market updates on Instagram:

  • Post a video covering recent market projections. This is super easy because it allows you to add a personal touch to make your reels informative, engaging, and memorable.
  • Create infographics or charts and post them to your stories or feed posts.
  • Include a call to action, like “Contact me if you have more questions.”
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2. Feature Video Tours of Listed Properties

The typical homebuyer wants to visualize themselves inside homes for sale before deciding. If you want to create hype and keep your followers connected, consider posting new listings on your Instagram feed. When done right, showcasing new listings in your area will bring prospects your way.

Creating a video tour of listed homes in your area is a smart move. Prospects will have an opportunity to explore the entire house. Buyers will have a clear picture of what to expect when visiting the property, resulting in quality sales leads.

Instagram Reels are a highly effective way to expand your reach. Most reels range from 10 to 60 seconds, creating a perfect window of opportunity to showcase live video. You can also use Instagram Reels to play a slideshow of still photos from a listing or nearby attractions. Add music and transitions to create a share-worthy snippet.

You may want to hire an experienced videographer to help you create high-quality videos. Or, you can record and edit videos of listed property using your phone.

You don’t need to appear in the videos when creating virtual house tours. Instead, the viewpoint should look like the potential home buyer is walking from room to room. Additionally, create an aerial view of the outdoors so interested buyers can get a clear idea of the surroundings; just stay mindful of drone laws and regulations.

There are several ways you can make your listings interesting: Besides videos, you can post carousels of a listing’s best photos. In terms of the text, add a brief description of the lifestyle in the location. Include other advantages like security, availability of social amenities, and infrastructure in the text body as well.

3. Get Creative with Instagram Stories

When creating real estate Instagram posts, your primary goal is to engage prospects and eventually turn them into loyal clients.

To achieve the best outcomes, use the vast array of Instagram story features.

These include:

    • Animated text and GIF stickers: Grab viewers’ attention by animating your text and adding expressive GIF stickers to your content.
    • Filters and Music: Create more aesthetically pleasing content with the use of trending filters and music.
    • Mentions and Location Tagging: Similar to how you would tag a friend in a group photo on Facebook, you can also tag individuals and businesses on your stories using the mention feature. Location tagging can also be used to highlight a business location or general area.
    • Link: If you have a website or an event registration page you want to direct viewers to, use the link feature to add the URL directly to your story.

These additional features are a huge asset in keeping people engaged. The more people look at your stories and the longer they spend looking at your stories, the higher the Instagram algorithm will look upon your account. If people view your stories more, your stories will come to the front of their recommended story lineup, routinely increasing your reach on the platform.

4. Share Tips That Provide Value to Prospects

First-time homebuyers have many questions when searching for property in the real estate market. Offer advice on closing costs, where to find reliable lenders, and more.

Sharing behind-the-scenes tips on navigating the property market is an excellent way to get more likes and followers.

When you share expert advice, people see you as an authority. They consult you when they are not sure what to do. They’ll also refer you to others, thus boosting your visibility online and generating new real estate leads.

5. Create Polls

Polls are a fun feature that allows you to interact with your audience on a personal level. You get to learn more about your customer base and how your demographics skew. You’ll also know the real estate property they are searching for and how much they want to invest.

There are a couple of tactics to creating polls that stand out. For example, you can post two different images of listed property and ask your Instagram followers to vote for their favorite and give feedback.

Check out these examples:

  • Do you prefer blue or white cabinets in your kitchen?
  • Which bathroom design do you prefer? Option one or two?
  • Do you like a modern or classic landscaping style?
  • Do you prefer to live in a condo or single family home?

You only need to add creativity to keep your audience engaged. It will also boost your visibility on the Instagram algorithm.

Brickell City Centre

6. Promote Local Events and Businesses

If you’re planning an event, such as an open house, make an effort to create walk-through videos of listed houses and promote them to ensure you attract more guests. Letting your followers know about upcoming open houses is a great Instagram strategy — make sure to tag your location to attract local house hunters.

Consider using your Instagram profile to promote local businesses and events taking place in your area. Featuring beloved local businesses is a fantastic way to add some flair to your community, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

You can also host networking events at businesses that align with your personal brand. This increases your visibility in the community and offers an excellent chance for these businesses to feature you in their Facebook or Instagram content: a win-win.