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The French say je ne sais quoi" - that intangible quality which describes the unique, special and compelling. I believe that intangible quality to be sum of my experience, passion, integrity, instinct, market intelligence, negotiating skills and clear communication style. I have been involved in the purchase and sale of properties on 3 continents. Together with my partner, Gary Lazarus, we continue to build a storied real estate career as The Dream Merchants. We were repeatedly recognized as the No.1 agents out of 3,500 agents at the largest real estate company in South Africa and as one of the top 7% of agents worldwide at Coldwell Banker in Boston. We were instrumental in connecting Fortune with Savills and are the Fortune-Savills relationship managers at Fortune. My real estate experience includes the purchase and sale of luxury condominiums, exceptional homes, villas, wine farms and estates. "