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December, 5 2018

Interior design icon, Pierre-Yves Rochon, delights residents and guests of Jade Signature at "The Art of Interior Splendor" event

Edgardo and AnaCristina Defortuna, Pierre-Yves and Annick Rochon


Pierre-Yves Rochon delighted residents and guests of Jade Signature, developed by Fortune International Group, with a book signing and panel-style discussion about the art of "Interior Splendor." With award-winning broadcast journalist Sabina Covo serving as the moderator, Rochon and Ana Cristina Defortuna exchanged lively banter in front of more than 100 guests, speaking to their four-year collaboration on Jade Signature as well as the designs he crafted for her family's Key Biscayne home.


Photo gallery of the event here.


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