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January, 16 2015

Do you remember when Miami used to be referred to as "God's waiting room"?
Nine at Mary Brickell Village lobby.
Nine at Mary Brickell Village. (Lobby rendering).


It is inspiring and fascinating to see just how far this city has come in the last decades. From a city where people came to spend the last few years of their lives, to a city where people come to embark upon new projects and dreams.


The city's development is visually obvious and stunning. Stylish and luxurious high rises, as well as shopping, dining and entertainment sites, have dressed the city in chic and elegant attire. But how solid is this makeover? There is another factor at the root of this evolution process that will contribute to keeping Miami an international modern city: career opportunities for the young professionals.


This article from Investopedia questions the Miami of Today as a retirement place and it gives a brief overview on its employment opportunities. "Miami is an international city with job opportunities in every field. Its biggest industries include financial services, tourism, trade and media…"


So for those young professionals with career aspirations who are also keen on good weather all year round, as well as fashionable and comfortable lifestyles, Miami may be well worth checking out!



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