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February, 12 2015

Fortune International Group and TOWN Residential of NYC form Powerful Strategic Alliance
Town Residential (NY) Joins forces with Fortune International Group (Miami)
Andrew Heiberger (TOWN Residential CEO & Founder), Wendy Maitland (President of Sales, TOWN Residential), Ana Cristina Defortuna (Executive Vice President, Fortune International Group) & Edgardo Defortuna (President, Fortune International Group)


"Fortune International Group, one of the largest real estate brokerages in South Florida, signed a marketing and sales outreach collaboration agreement with New York-based Town Residential."

Source: South Florida Business Journal


"Town Residential is heading south this winter, in a new partnership with Miami-based Fortune International Group, a brokerage and development firm that sold $4 billion worth of real estate last year."


“Miami to me isn’t just a city,”said Joseph Sitt, CEO of Thor Equities and an equity partner in Town Residential. “It’s another global gateway,” The partnership, Sitt said, would “go a long way to building a globalized brand.”

Source: The Real Deal NY


Heiberger (TOWN Residential co-owner) called the alliance  a “first of its kind,” whereby a streamlined operations strategy, led together by Heiberger, president of sales Wendy Maitland and Fortune International Group CEO and founder Edgardo Defortuna and vice president of International Division Fernando de Nunez, will “legitimately and effectively extend business reach for each firm in the partner’s gateway market.”

Source: Real Estate Weekly


For more information on this powerful alliance visit Fortune International Group facebook page.


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